What is Early Modern England: Society, Culture & Everyday Life, 1500-1700?

Early Modern England: Society Culture & Everyday Life, 1500-1700 is a multi-archive collection of primary sources, tracing two centuries of lived experiences across different levels of English society. This broad range of material supports research into early modern processes of administration and governance, the networks of prominent families, the organisation and dissemination of knowledge in health and medicine, humanities and the sciences, and the material cultures of the age.

Source archives consist of The British Library, Canterbury Cathedral Archives, Lambeth Palace Library, London Metropolitan Archives, The National Archives, The Newberry Library, and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Documents digitised from these archives cover such themes and topics as religion and the Reformation; finances, trade, employment and the economy; foreign affairs, politics and monarchy; and arts, literature and culture.

To read more about the selection criteria and nature and scope of this collection, see the Introduction tab.

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